How can I maximize the smell of my candle?

We advise to use the candles in a bathroom or a smaller size room for best results. These candles burn great individually in small rooms. Alternatively, you can burn two at a time in a larger room. We’ve grouped the fragrances in each gift set to complement each other nicely so that you can pair them up for a great-smelling combination.

How do I put out my candle?

Extinguishing your candle is very easy and safe. Simply screw the lid back on tight. It will cut the oxygen which will extinguish the flame. And you won’t get any smoke!

Are these candles ‘vegan’?

Our candles do not contain any ingredients derived from any animals or insects and are not tested on animals. They are made with a food-grade natural soy wax. So, yes they are ‘vegan’.

What type of wax and wick is used in these candes?

The wax is a soy blend. The cotton wicks are coreless, non-directional, flat braided wicks with a special paper filament woven around them.

Can these candles be placed on a warmer?

You can absolutely put these on a candle warmer, but they won’t be as strong as a full size candle. The volume of wax is less, thus the amount of scent it throws into the air will be less. You can put two or three of the candles on together and the scent will equal one large candle. The scents in each 3 pack are designed to smell great together.

Are the candles safe to be used as a lotion due to their soy content?

Our wax is skin safe, so you can technically use it as a lotion, but it’s not particularly beneficial to do that because we have left out additives. However, mixing Shea butter in with the candle wax will make it extra moisturizing and smooth and can create a nice lotion. So, the short answer is it’s safe but not entirely ideal as these candles are not specifically sold and marketed as massage candles.