Lily of the Valley

Aromatherapy - 11-Ounce Soy Candle
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Lily of the Valley


Scent Profile

If you’re looking for a clean scent that is subtly sweet with a hint of rosy-citrus, you’ll want to try our Lily Of The Valley candle. Made from the finest fragrance oils, cotton wick, and clean-burning, all-natural soy wax, this candle is reminiscent of the fresh air of a new spring enveloping you as you hike through the forest on a peaceful afternoon. This all natural, soy wax candle will burn clean for up to 75 hours.

Comes in a reusable glass votive that makes a beautiful drinking glass once your candle is gone. Customers Love our Candles...

*****Lily of the Valley

By Connie (She who hikes with dogs) on December 8, 2015
Scented Candles - Roasted Chestnut - Decorative Aromatherapy | Verified Purchase
 The "Roasted Chestnut" scent is true to that of roasted chestnuts sold on street corners across Germany this time of year. Even when not burning, the candle emits the subtle scent of roasted chestnut that even the men in this house like. Once lighted, the candle's scent is even stronger. It's a very calming scent that reminds me of Bavaria this time of year.

I bought this candle during a 20% off sale. I'd buy it again.

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